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Inside the Farmhouse

At Windfall, The Herbal Confectionery tends to all Orchard, Fruit fields, high potency herbs & edible flowers on the farm. It is our mission to provide folks with locally grown no poison ingredients. No use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers is done anywhere on this 142 acre property of preserved farmland.

Morse Pitts Current Owner & Creator of Windfall Farms LLC is in transistion of retirement. Over the past few years his cousin Lisa Barone & her husband Mike Nelson, Owners of The Herbal Confectionery have been learning the ways of the farm, managing all operations, leaseholders and slowly taking over all growing. Lisa went through the small farmers program at Cornell Cooperative Extension and has since completed her first full year crop plan, as well as run farmers markets in the catskills region for 2 years.

It is our mission to allow Windfall to be a sustainable place for new farmers to learn, grow & get involved in the agricultural community.

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